I’m a scholar of literary criticism, comparative literature, gender and sexuality studies, diaspora and border studies, transnationalism, and cultural studies. 

As an Iranian Armenian American, my research concerns Persian and Armenian literature and culture. My focus is on the members of sexual, ethnic, and religious minority populations, ones marginalized by normative society. I examine topics ranging from the representation of liminal figures such as social, sexual, and religious subalterns and transgressors in medieval Persian Sufi poetry to the taboo-laden sigheh marriages (temporary marriage) and the representation of the stigmatized sigheh women as sex workers in modern Iranian fiction and film to Iranian-Armenian minority writers and their sense of identity. My work thereby addresses the embodiments of liminality through which authors, artists, and directors challenge and critique social hegemonies. I engage with a broad array of sources from fiction, poetry, film, visual arts, and other forms of cultural production, ethnographic materials, and historical sources to feminist and literary theories. So, my work is interdisciplinary. 

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